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The first five years of the Conservation Effects Assessment Project

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CEAP defined and initiated a research and assessment agenda for estimating the effects and benefits of conservation practices and programs. CEAP accomplishments during the first five years include the following:• USDA established 38 research sites-ARS benchmark watersheds, CSREES competitive grant watersheds, and NRCS special emphasis watersheds-to quantify the measurable effects of conservation practices on the quality or quantity of water and soils.• CEAP Cropland developed and implemented a new environmental and conservation farmer survey for cultivated cropland. Survey information was combined with natural resource information at NRI sample points to provide preliminary estimates of reductions in soil loss, nutrient loss, pesticide loss, and enhancement of soil quality that are attributable to conservation practices.• CEAP Wetlands initiated studies in five regions to quantify wetland ecosystem services affected by conservation practices. Preliminary findings have been produced for the Prairie Pothole and Mississippi Alluvial Valley regions.• CEAP Wildlife initiated regional assessment studies focused on documenting important wildlife species habitat associations with conservation activities.• CEAP Grazing Lands developed a plan for assessing the effects of conservation practices for rangelands, pastureland, and razed forest land. • The NAL provided researchers and the public with extensive bibliographies of research findings on the effects of conservation practices.• ARS and the SWCS completed a synthesis of the scientific literature on the effects of conservation practices on cropland.• The Wildlife Society completed two literature reviews of the effects of conservation practices and programs on wildlife.• NRCS engaged SWCS to review CEAP and recommend enhancements to the program, and followed the recommendations of the SWCS Blue Ribbon Panel to expand the scope of CEAP to include program enhancements.• An international workshop was held-"Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Environmental Quality" - to enhance the understanding of how individual efforts on farms and ranches add up to real and meaningful results at the watershed or landscape scale.
Duriancik, Lisa F. , Bucks, Dale , Dobrowolski, James P. , Drewes, Tom , Eckles, S. Diane , Jolley, Leonard , Kellogg, Robert L. , Lund, Daryl , Makuch, Joseph R. , O'Neill, Michael P. , Rewa, Charles A. , Walbridge, Mark R. , Parry, Roberta , Weltz, Mark A.
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Journal of soil and water conservation 2008 Nov-Dec, v. 63, no. 6
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