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2003 thermal defoliation trials

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Organic cotton production requires alternatives to havest aid chemicals for crop termination and fiber quality preservation. In these trials, a self-propelled two-row thermal defoliation apparatus was tested in spindle picked and stripper harvested cotton. HVI classing data for thermal, chemical, and untreated control plots were compared. Fiber property data from similar trials in 2002 were presented where data from 2003 trials were not available. Leaf and color grades were improved, thereby increasing fiber value as compared to untreated and chmically defoliated controls. Other fiber properties were not greatly affected. Spinning and yarn properties were mostly unchanged. Rapid desiccation following thermal tretment makes it possible to harvest 2 days after defoliating. Foreign matter content of seed cotton did not decrease significantly after 7 days, indicating completion of plant response. Insect mortality and the possibility of early harvest were additional benefits observed with thermal defoliation.
Funk, P.A. , Armijo, C.B. , Park, M. , McAlister, D.D. III , Brashears, A.D. , McGuire, M.R. , Lewis, B.E. , Hutmacher, R.B. , Roberts, B.A.
Conference held January 5-9, 2004, San Antonio, TX.
Proceedings of the Beltwide Cotton Conferences 2004
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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