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Effect of pH on a gossypol complex with phospholipids: gossypol-PE

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PE, one of the major phospholipids in oilseed soapstock, may react with gossypol to form Schiff bases. PE amounts to 20-30% of the phosphorus compounds in soap-stock. In this report, the dependence on pH of the Schiff base products between PE and gossypol was investigated using a spectrophotometer, an HPLC equipped with an ELSD, and an LC-MS system. We observed that at pH 7 the Schiff reaction product and reactants were clearly detected by ELSD, absorption, and LC-MS spectra. The absorption spectra displayed the characteristic peak for the Schiff bases around 430-440 nm. The absorption spectra also indicated that the reaction was pH dependent. The reaction temperatures were 60 and 90°C. The LC-MS spectra supported the formation of Schiff bases as well as methyl ether derivatives of gossypol in alcohol at the elevated temperatures. The implications of these experimental findings are presented in this paper.
Kuk, M.S. , Bland, J.M.
Includes references
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society Oct 2002. v. 79 (10)
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