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Flow-through coaxial sample holder design for dielectric properties measurements from 1 to 350 MHz

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A system for measuring the dielectric properties of cereal grains from 1 to 350 MHz with a coaxial sample holder is presented. A signal-flow graph model was used to determine the permittivity of several polar alcohols from the full two-port S-parameter measurements. At the lowest frequencies 1-25 MHz where the phase measurements are less accurate, a lumped-parameter model was used to predict the dielectric loss factor values. The system was calibrated with measurements on air and decanol and verified with measurements on octanol, hexanol, and pentanol. The standard error for the polar alcohols used for verification was 2.3% for the dielectric constant and 7.6% for the dielectric loss factor. Although measurements were taken on static samples, the sample holder is designed to accommodate flowing grain.
Lawrence, Kurt C. , Nelson, Stuart O. , Bartley, Philip G. Jr.
Includes references
IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement 1998 Apr., v. 47, issue 2
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