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Eleven new species of Sugiyamaella and Candida from forest habitats

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Eleven new yeasts from forest habitats are described from nucleotide sequence analysis of the nearly entire large subunit rRNA gene, ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 rRNA gene, mitochondrial small subunit rRNA gene, and the cytochrome oxidase II gene. All are members of the Sugiyamaella clade. Three are heterothallic species of Sugiyamaella and eight species are assigned to Candida. The Sugiyamaella species are: Su. americana sp. nov., type strain NRRL YB-2067 (CBS 10352), mating type a, and isotype NRRL YB-4197 (CBS 10353), mating type α; Su. chiloensis sp. nov., type strain NRRL Y-17646 (CBS 8168), mating type a, and isotype NRRL Y-27101 (CBS 5927), mating type α, anamorph Ca. bertae; Su. japonica sp. nov., type strain NRRL YB-2788 (CBS 10354), diploid, NRRL YB-2764 (CBS 10355), mating type a, and NRRL YB-2799 (CBS 10356), mating type α. The Candida species with type strains are: Ca. boreocaroliniensis sp. nov. NRRL YB-1835 (CBS 10344), Ca. floridensis sp. nov. NRRL YB-3827 (CBS 10350), Ca. grinbergsii sp. nov. NRRL Y-27117 (CBS 5924), Ca. lignohabitans sp. nov. NRRL YB-1473 (CBS 10342), Ca. marilandica sp. nov. NRRL YB-1847 (CBS 10346), Ca. marionensis sp. nov. NRRL YB-1336 (CBS 10341), Ca. neomexicana sp. nov. NRRL YB-2450 (CBS 10349), and Ca. pinicola sp. nov. NRRL YB-2263 (CBS 10348).
Kurtzman, C.P.
Includes references
FEMS yeast research 2007 Sept., v. 7, issue 6
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