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Aflatoxin: comparison of analyses of corn by various methods

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Two methods were evaluated for determining levels of aflatoxin: 1 developed for peanuts and peanut products (BF method), the other (Pons method) for cottonseed products. Both were applied to corn, and results were compared with those obtained with the official 1st action CB method adopted for corn. Recoveries were much lower with the BF method than with the official AOAC [Association of Official Analytical Chemists] method. Recoveries of aflatoxin B1 with the Pons method were satisfactory in samples containing < 50 .mu.g aflatoxin B1/kg, but only about 50% for samples spiked at 50 and 100 .mu.g/kg; no aflatoxin G was detected in naturally contaminated corn, whereas G aflatoxins were detected with the CB method. Reducing the amounts of solvents used in the official AOAC method was also studied. The extraction solvent, chloroform, could be decreased from 250 ml to 150 ml, and washing and eluting solvents for column chromatography could be reduced by half without affecting results in this study.
Shotwell, O.L. , Goulden, M.L.
20090427 20090508 00000000
Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists Jan 1977, 60 (1)
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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