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Aflatoxin and Aspergillus flavus occurrence in 1975 corn at harvest from a limited region of Iowa

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Freshly harvested corn (18.4% moisture average) from the 1975 crop was examined for A. flavus Link ex Fr., bright greenish-yellow (BGY) fluorescence and aflatoxin. The survey was in 3 counties of west central Iowa [USA] and in 1 centrally located county. In all, 214 samples of shelled corn were collected and dried to 13% moisture or less within 4-156 h after harvest. About 1/2 of the samples exhibited BGY fluorescence in cracked fractions, and 17% contained detectable levels of toxin. Only 4 samples had aflatoxin B1 levels exceeding 20 ppb, with the highest concentration at 56 ppb. Visual examination of ears on standing stalks was carried out in 8 fields; 11 ears with greenish-yellow spores were found. Corn from these ears was contaminated with a wide array of toxin levels ranging from 1-1560 ppb.
Lillehoj, E.B. , Fennell, D.I. , Kwolek, W.F.
Paper presented at the American Society of Microbiology meeting held May 2-7, 1976, Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Cereal chemistry Mar/Apr 1977, 54 (2)
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