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Aflatoxin occurrence in 1973 corn at harvest. III. Aflatoxin distribution in contaminated, insect damaged corn

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The distribution of aflatoxin was studied in samples of insect-damaged, aflatoxin-contaminated corn freshly harvested in 1973 in northeastern South Carolina, USA. Corn in samples from 6 lots was separated into fractions based on the bright greenish-yellow fluorescence (associated with aflatoxin) and rice weevil and other damage. Fractions containing outwardly sound kernels from the 6 samples had 67-87% of the total wt. 4 had no detectable aflatoxin; 2 had 9 and 13% of the total aflatoxin B1 in their respective total samples. Kernels and pieces with obvious fluorescence and fluorescence under the seed coat represented only 0.1-0.4% of the total wt. of each of the 6 samples, but comprised 35-90% of the B1. At least 75% of the fluorescing kernels and pieces had obvious insect damage. In the 5 samples containing 24-47 parts/billion aflatoxin B1, fractions with insect damage without BGY fluorescence and broken corn-foreign material accounted for 2-8% of the wt. and 61-91% of the toxin. Fractions from these samples without insect damage made up 92-98% of the wt. and 9-39% of the B1. The sample with 209 parts/billion aflatoxin B1 had the following distribution of wt. and B1: fractions without visible insect damage - 72% wt., 16% B1; and fractions with insect damage - 28% wt., 84% B1. A few highly contaminated kernels accounted for appreciable amounts or most of the aflatoxin in the lots of corn studied. [See FSTA (1977) 09 02M0165for part II.]
Shotwell, O.L. , Goulden, M.L. , Lillehoj, E.B. , Kwolek, W.F. , Hesseltine, C.W.
Includes references.
Cereal chemistry May/June 1977, 54 (3)
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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