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Acceptance and utilization by swine of aflatoxin contaminated corn treated with aqueous or gaseous ammonia

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In 4 experiments 356 crossbred pigs weighing initially 20 to 63 kg were given diets which contained maize naturally contaminated with aflatoxin B1 36, 39 or 90 mu g/kg and which had been treated with aqueous or gaseous ammonia to decrease the aflatoxin to amounts not detectable by chemical analysis. The maize was ground and mixed with a supplement based on soya bean oilmeal with 42% protein to provide a diet with 16% crude protein up to 55 kg and 14% from 55 kg to final weight or was given freely with the supplement. Intake of ammoniated maize given freely with the supplement was less than that of nonammoniated maize with an associated increase in supplement intake. Acceptance and utilization of mixtures of ground ammoniated maize and supplement were similar to those for nonammoniated maize supplement mixtures when water-extractable ammonia in maize was about 0.1% of DM or less.
Jensen, A.H. , Brekke, O.L. , Frank, G.R. , Peplinski, A.J.
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Journal of animal science July 1977, 45 (1)
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