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Emended description of the genus Glycomyces and description of Glycomyces algeriensis sp. nov., Glycomyces arizonensis sp. nov. and Glycomyces lechevalierae sp. nov

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A polyphasic taxonomic evaluation of presumptive strains representative of the genus Glycomyces held within the Agricultural Research Service Culture Collection resulted in the discovery of three novel species. Analysis of the whole cell sugar content of these novel species, as well as of two species presently assigned to the genus, revealed that the whole cell sugar pattern was different from that reported in the formal description of the genus Glycomyces. The sugars present in all strains studied included ribose, xylose, mannose and galactose rather than xylose and arabinose as reported in the original description of the genus. Moreover, the menaquinone patterns observed for the novel species also deviated from the original genus description. The formal description of the genus Glycomyces is emended to reflect these new data. The novel species proposed and described are Glycomyces algeriensis sp. nov. (type strain NRRL B-16327T=DSM 44727T), Glycomyces arizonensis sp. nov. (type strain NRRL B-16153T=DSM 44726T) and Glycomyces lechevalierae sp. nov. (type strain NRRL B-16149T=DSM 44724T).
Labeda, David P. , Kroppenstedt, Reiner M.
Includes references
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 2004 Nov., v. 54, no. 6
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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