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Influence of scion and rootstock on incidence of peach tree short life

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Previous work has suggested that peach scion cultivar exerts a significant influence on incidence of peach tree short life (PTSL) in trees budded onto Nemaguard and Flordaguard seedling peach rootstocks. If this influence is consistent across a range of rootstocks then the influence of scion cultivar might offer a new tool for the management of PTSL. Growers could minimize losses on those sites most prone to PTSL by using the least susceptible scion/rootstock combinations. In this trial trees of ‘Agua 6-4,’ ‘Springcrest,’ ‘Redglobe,’ ‘Redhaven’ and ‘Cresthaven’ budded onto Guardian (BY520-9), Lovell, Nemaguard and Siberian C peach seedling rootstocks were planted on a site with a known history of PTSL. After 6 years, 31% of test trees had succumbed to PTSL and 18% to other causes. Both scion and rootstock exerted a profound influence on incidence of PTSL (P<0.0001). Mean effects of scion cultivar ranged from 10 to 49% PTSL mortality. Mean effects of rootstock treatment ranged from 10 to 85% PTSL mortality. However, a significant scion x rootstock interaction was also present (P<0.05). This appeared to be largely the result of anomalously low or high PTSL incidence observed in 2 scion/rootstock combinations. These results suggest that some caution should be used in extrapolating the rootstock treatment effects determined in a typical PTSL trial budded with a single scion cultivar to their influence beneath other untested scion cultivars.
Beckman, T.G. , Okie, W.R. , Nyczepir, A.P.
20121115 20121207 00000000
Acta horticulturae 2002 Nov., no. 592 (2)
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