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'Starfire' Cuphea hybrid : a publication of the American Society for Horticultural Science

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Starfire is a sterile F1 hybrid resulting from a cross between Cuphea ignea (PI534899) and C. angustifolia (PI534892). The C. ignea parent was derived from a commercial cultivar while C. angustifolia originated from a wild population from Oaxaca, Mexico. Starfire is intermediate in size between its parents, (50-75 cm tall, 60-70 cm wide) with the spreading subshape of C. ignea. Flowering is continuous once cuttings are established. Calyx tubes are striped pink (RHS 63B) on white, dorsally tipped in white and are 10-15 mm long, with a pronounced spur. There are six petals, two dorsal and four ventral. Dorsal petals are white with a purple (RHS 75A) vein ~5 mm long. Ventral petals are purple (RHS 75A) to almost white (RHS 75D) and are ~3 mm long. Starfire is recommended for use as a pot plant and would prove useful for hanging baskets. It has potential as a bedding plant but has not been evaluated for this purpose.
Thompson, A.E. , Roath, W.W. , Widrlechner, M.P.
Includes references
HortScience Feb 1995. v. 30 (1)
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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