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Efficiency of current seed-cotton and lint cleaning machinery at US roller gins

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Pima cotton is roller ginned to minimize damage to the fiber. A survey was conducted in US roller gins to better understand how current foreign matter removal practices affect Pima cotton quality. There were very few similarities in machinery set-up for seed-cotton cleaning among gins. Most gins used one or two cylinder cleaners along with one air-type lint cleaner for lint cleaning. The trend in roller ginning today is towards aggressive seed-cotton cleaning and gentle lint cleaning to limit fiber damage. Cotton property measurements taken before and after cleaning showed that, in general, cleaning machinery reduced foreign matter content in seed cotton and lint, and tended to reduce fiber length and increase neps. There was an average increase in lint value from 75.5 to 78.1 cents/lb due to lint cleaning. No definite recommendations for foreign matter removal at US roller ginning plants could be made, but the results emphasized the need for future Pima cleaning research.
Armijo, C.B. , Whitelock, D.P. , Hughs, S.E.
Paper presented at the 2005 ASAE/CSAE Annual International Meeting, held July 17-20, 2005, Tampa, Florida.
American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Meeting 2005, no. 051101
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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